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Legal Resources and Law Enforcement

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Legal Resources - American Bar Association - American Civil Liberties Union - Legal directory and search engine
Attorney Hunter - Find a lawyer in your area - Legal history and philosphy
Cornell's Constitutional Law - Constitutional Law info
CourtTV Law Center - From CourtTV, great site
Duhaime's Law Dictionary - Good law dictionary
Famous Trials - UMKC's excellent resource
Federal Rules of Evidence - From Cornell Law School - Good search information, info packed site - Great law research site
Internet Law Library - Basic documents and US Code - The best law search engine -'s legal resource - Good site with resources for attorneys - Law Firm Software - Searchable Q&A database, more - Anti-trust and commercial law - Electronic law library, good resource
Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia - Good online legal encyclopedia - A good lawyer finder
US Child Custoy Law - From Cornell University
VersusLaw - Research, opinions, and decisions online
Waterlow Legal - The essential legal contracts directory - Great online search tool

Law Enforcement

Alcatraz Official Web Page - Website for the famous prison
Americas Most Wanted - FBI's Most Wanted
Cops Online - Another good law enforcement resource - Law enforcement resources
Fugitive Watch - Fugitives, missing people, and more - Speedtraps nationwide and police info

Law Headlines

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